Our Ministries

Each week we identify opportunities to grow spiritually, opportunities to share food and fellowship together, opportunities for outreach, and opportunities to serve. Our ongoing ministries include:

Worship with the whole family

We do not believe in R-Rated (adults only) public worship. Scripture includes in the “congregation, … children and nursing babes” (Joel 2:16; Josh. 8:35; Deut. 31:12; Matt. 19:14). While all are free to use the cry-room, the whole family is welcome in the assembly. God’s call for corporate worship means that “the whole church comes together in one place” (1 Cor. 14:23). Christ said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven” (Matt. 19:14).


Scripture entrusts the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper to church officers. For example, 1 Corinthians 11 distinguishes sharply between what may be done at home (v. 34) and what may be done “when you come together as a church” (v. 18-33). The consistent New Testament pattern is for church officers to administer the sacraments. However, having said that, it is also important to remember that parents do not lose their covenant authority within the church. Our practices reflect this balance.

Training in the Biblical Blueprints

The office of pastor corresponds to the position of the Old Testament Levites or “scribes” (Matt. 23:34; 13:52) who taught the people throughout Israel (2 Chron. 17:8-9; Deut. 18:6-8; Neh 10:37-39). Just as Ezra taught every level of society from the Scriptures (Ezra 7-10; Neh. 8-10), it is part of a pastor’s duty to train people in the Biblical blueprints.


Since Scripture speaks to all of life, we believe that every topic is a topic that leads to Scripture and ultimately leads to Christ’s grace. For details on the connection between evangelism and life, see the brochure, “Dominion’s Outreach.”

L’Abri style ministry

This is a part time ministry whose main teaching occurs in the Kayser home. The purpose of this ministry is to be engaging the thought centers of Omaha (UNO, UNMC, Creighton).

Dominion Foundations Resource Center

As America deteriorates, more people and institutions will be searching for solutions to our society’s problems. When that happens, Christians must be prepared to stand in the gap with the Biblical wisdom that Daniel had. To that end, it is our desire to provide a Resource Center to serve the community as a whole by providing answers to the problems of crime, economics, welfare reform, civics, judicial reform, education, war, constitutional issues, and a whole host of other questions that have been plaguing our society.

This resource center has plans to include 1) a Reformed and Reconstructionist bookstore, 2) a Reformed and Reconstructionist book lending library, 3) a homeschooling library, 4) an internet presence, 5) Reformed computer products for use locally, 6) a news resource center, 7) a Reconstructionist missions support center and 8) a newsletter.

Whitefield Theological Seminary

John Calvin’s strategy of bringing wide Reform to the church of Jesus Christ was to seek to bless and train pastors. We have a passion to serve the church at large by providing a Reformed Seminary extension campus through the ministry of Whitefield Theological Seminary of Lakeland, Florida. Whitefield uses a combination of full curriculum lectures from Reformed scholars on audio and/or video tape, with course assignments and independent study that is overseen by a mentor locally. This gives the best combination of great scholarship and flexibility for those with limited time and finances. We believe that theological education for ministers is best done on a local level in the context of the church.

Mercy Ministries

God has entrusted mercy ministries first to the family, and next to the church (1 Timothy 5:3-16). Dominion Covenant Church’s role will be to train in true Biblical mercy, and to model the same. Christ assured us that we will always have poor with us, and therefore we must always have concrete plans and resources available. Our model of welfare is discussed in books by George Grant, Marvin Olasky and others.