The Violent Take it By Force (1 Samuel 17:48-54)

Phillip Kayser, PhD, January 9, 2011
Part of the Life of David series, preached at a Sermon service

When God told Job to gird himself like a man, he was in effect telling him to take off his dress and act like a man. David showed himself to be a man's man in this battle, and in the process stands as a model for all time. Too many in the church have failed to be forceful, vehement, and manly in their spiritual warfare against the world, the flesh, and the devil. It is no wonder that they lack success. This sermon gives practical, powerful guidance for more consistently gaining victory in our spiritual battles.

Tags: devil, Faith, flesh, intimidation, memorials, passivity, procrastination, sanctification, sin, spiritual warfare, war., world

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