Upside Right Living in an Upside Down World (1 Samuel 18:17-30)

Phillip Kayser, PhD, February 13, 2011
Part of the Life of David series, preached at a Sermon service

The third battlefront that the Scripture calls us to engage is the "world." What exactly is that? How does the world impact us? Why are we so frequently blind to the way we have been conformed to the world? Saul and David give us insight into the constant tug that the world has upon our flesh, and how Satan uses the world to make us ineffective. It also explains why we so seldom get places when we argue with people without dealing with their presuppositions.

Tags: blind, blindness, blindspot, courtship, integrity, manipulation, marriage, paradigm, presupposition, romance, wean, world, world system, worldview

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