Reforming Worship (2 Samuel 6:1-23)

Phillip Kayser, PhD, December 2, 2012
Part of the Life of David series, preached at a Sermon service

This chapter is a classic text on the Regulative Principle of Worship. But this sermon is anything but a simple rehash of the old arguments. It is a refreshing exposition of the sufficiency of Scripture for every portion of worship, whether that be the elements, the order, or even the circumstances of worship. There is no need to appeal to human wisdom, and there is no excuse for ignoring clear statements of Scripture as so many traditional Reformed churches have done. Whether you agree or disagree with his conclusions, you will find that he takes the Regulative Principle of Worship to its logical conclusion, even when that might be uncomfortable.

Tags: a cappella, acceptable, Amen, antinomianism, Ark, ceremonial, consuming fire, dance, Gnostic, Gnosticism, hands, joy, kneel, Law, legalism, lift up holy hands, mercy seat, music, musical instruments, ordinance, public worship, Regulative Principle of Worship, reverence, RPW, stand, throne, throne of grace, unauthorized, Uzzah, will worship, worship, worship

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