Loyalty Tested, pt 3 (2 Samuel 16:1-4)

Phillip Kayser, PhD, November 3, 2013
Part of the Life of David series, preached at a Sermon service

This sermon describes the many faces of false loyalty. It can be manifested as false generosity and false compassion (for example socialism). It can give the impression of loyalty while destroying loyalty (Oliver Wendell Holmes book, The Common Law, is an example). It can destroy covenant relationships while giving the illusion of faithfulness (eg., no divorce, but no passion to fulfill the marriage vows). It can be blind to its own deceitfulness while accusing others of disloyalty. Once false loyalty is recognized in its many disguises, we can more effectively guard our hearts against it. This sermon is yet another call to God-centeredness in all our covenant relationships.

Tags: altruism, authenticity, compassion, conservative, Constitutionalism, deceit, divorce, economics, envy, faithfulness, false, generosity, generous, giving, God-centered, hypocrisy, liberal, lies, living constitution, living document, loyalty, man-centered, marriage, Mephibosheth, Obamacare, pretense, relationship, socialism, statism, taxes, theft, tithing, trust, Ziba

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