Limited Civil Government (2 Samuel 20:23-26)

Phillip Kayser, PhD, May 18, 2014
Part of the Life of David series, preached at a Sermon service

It is hard for us to fathom getting our nation back to the kind of limited government that it enjoyed for most of its first century, but this sermon seeks to show that it is not only possible but is also morally imperative. While examining the cabinet of David, the departments implied in that list, and comparing David’s executive branch with the agencies, boards, committees, and commissions under our current administration’s executive branch, this sermon seeks to give a Biblical philosophy of civics. In advocating the Regulative Principle of Government, this sermon stands on the shoulders of Augustine, the Puritans, the Scottish Reformers, Patrick Henry, and many others.

Tags: active, advisor, army, attorney general, Augustine, Faith, fire, free market, government, head tax, income, IRS, limited, militia, nepotism, pillage, pirate, publishing, records, Regulative, reparations, reserve, revenue, robber, sales, scribe, secretary of state, self-government, tax, tribute, Washington

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